Welcome to the 15 McMurrich Street website

The purpose of the site is to provide at-a-glance information for all residents and staff. We hope that you will find the site helpful and that, as we move ahead, you will let us know how it can be even more efficient.

Important notices will continue to be posted in the mailbox area and/or elevators. Similarly, very important messages will continue to be delivered to your door.

We’ve aimed to include basic information and policies specific to the building itself, links to a variety of sites that refer to our neighbourhood and many points beyond. The contact page provides a comprehensive list of names and numbers for ease of access and allows you to reach us at your convenience.

New websites always require patience at the launch stage, so we ask you to visit often and to take note of what is particularly useful or to let us know what we should consider adding. Thanks for your support and participation.

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